"Farm Animal Welfare and Farmer's Welfare" Lecture

2022-08-31 00:09

"Farm Animal Welfare and Farmer's Welfare" Lecture

Time: 30 August202214:00 - 15:45

Aims: To provide an in-depth understanding of the current situation and problems of farm animals and the welfare of and issues faced by farmers in unseen places and areas.

Venue: Online

Content: Beginning with the history of farm animals, the lecture covers the development of farming in Japan and presents the content of animal welfare. This is followed by an explanation of farm animal management science and farming methods that focus on animal welfare. Then the relationship between farmer welfare and farm animal welfare, and the issues and challenges faced by farmers were mentioned. Finally, a Q&A session was held with the participants.

Lecturer: Hiromi Kato (National Agriculture and Food Research Organisation)

Summary: On 30 August 2022, we held an online seminar on the topic of farm animal welfare and farmer welfare. We invited Ms. Hiromi Kato from the National Agriculture and Food Research Organisation to give a detailed presentation on farm animal welfare and farmer welfare, and to discuss with the participants in a Q&A session at the end.

The plight of farm animals

Industrial animal husbandry is a method of raising animals that aims to efficiently produce homogeneous products to meet consumer demand on a large scale by raising large numbers of animals in an artificially controlled environment with limited access.

Farm animals such as cattle, pigs and chickens suffer greatly in this type of rearing environment. During rearing, animals are forced into small spaces and suffer the psychological stress associated with physical movement restrictions that limit freedom of movement, as well as various physical illnesses and painful injuries caused by rapid weight gain.

They also suffer pain and suffering during transport to the slaughterhouse, where the fear and pain associated with the killing process is also unimaginable.

The development of farm animal welfare in Japan is still in its early stages and there are many obstacles and problems to be solved. The cooperation of farming families and the understanding of the general public are also very much needed.

The dilemma facing farming families

The decline in the number of farmers and the ageing of the farming population are increasing the problems and pressures faced by farmers.

Despite this harsh environment, the working conditions and incomes of farmers are not ideal. Working from early in the morning until late at night, the monthly income may not be much. Of course, there are farmers who earn more money each year as self-employed, but only a small percentage.

As a result of these poor conditions, fewer young people are working in agriculture, and they are getting older.

The Farmer's Welfare is "a state of being physically, mentally and socially fulfilled".

Sustainable agriculture is "the health and well-being of people, farm animals, the environment and the social environment".

The focus on the Farmer's Welfare will give them more power and scope to treat farm animals well. On the other hand, it will also improve the quality of the food we all eat, as we continue to work towards a healthier future.


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