Farm visit event

2022-09-20 17:37

Farm visit event

Time: 18 September 2022

Aims: To strengthen communication and mutual relations between members and get up close and personal with farm animals.

Content: In the morning, participants gathered at the main gate of Hokkaido University and arrived at Hokkaido Hakone Farm by car, where they visited the Animal Land in groups, interacted with a variety of animals and experienced feeding the animals.

In the afternoon, the group went on a free tour after the Milking the cows, where animal welfare and the organization were explained from the beginning, and finally returned to Hokkaido University to disband.

Participants: university students and people from the surrounding area

The group gathered at the main gate of Hokkaido University at 9am and arrived at Hokkaido Hakone Farm by car. The purpose of the event and the organization were explained, and a lively exchange of opinions about farm animals took place among the group on the way.

After arriving at Hokkaido Hakone Ranch, the group visited the Animal Land, where they interacted with a variety of small animals and had a chance to feed them. Everyone had a lot of fun and was fascinated by the farm animals and the interaction.

After a lunch break, the group gathered again to prepare for the Milking the cows. After a detailed explanation by the farm staff, everyone carefully milked the cows one by one. Almost everyone had never milked a cow before, so everyone was very excited and delighted to taste the fresh milk at the end of the experience.


Thanks to today's event, I finally got to do the milking myself. After milking the cows, we discussed the topic of animal welfare with each others, which made me think about it in a way I hadn't before: what is really good for animals? In my opinion, the most fundamental solution is not to let it be born artificially. During the meeting, one of us mentioned the idea of using genetic modification to revive   extinct animals, but my opinion is not to do so.

If it born by human, it will also be tied by human for the whole of its life. The most fundamental thing is to increase the economic power and make the breeding industry a highly profitable one where you don't have to worry about efficiency, like luxury goods. But this is not possible. Is it possible to get everyone to boycott farms with low animal welfare through propaganda? My view is pessimistic that I don't think it's possible. The only people who will be changed in their behaviour by publicity will   be those who are already well clothed and seeking to progress spiritually and personally, while the more general public will not make themselves unhappy or even unhealthy in order to keep the pigs happy. Calling for animal welfare is a worthy cause, not self moving. But I cannot find an effective solution, perhaps I will change my mind in the future after learning more and thinking more.

                                  ————————   フウ エンテイ


私は、9月18日の日曜日に牧場活動に参加しました。私たちはまず北海道大学の正門に集まりました。みんなが揃ってから、車で一緒に箱根牧場に出発し、志望者の方からパンとミルクティーも受け取りました(美味しかったよ~(ノ ̄))。途中で私達が動物福祉をテーマとして激しい交流をしました。初めていろいろな発想をさせてもらいました。なぜ動物が好きなのか?どんなタイミングで動物を好きになったのか?そんな考えは私の人生には今までなかったんですが、このチャンスに通って動物についての問題の考えを始まります。





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